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Utah Cancer Specialists


Utah Cancer Specialists, (UCS) is Utah’s largest community-based oncology practice. We offer diverse expertise in oncology and hematology.

A Combination of Care and Caring

Medical Oncology is the study and treatment of cancer. Treatments include chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, and biological therapy (sometimes called immunotherapy). Most of these treatments include drugs which are injected into the body through the veins, others are taken by mouth, and others are injected under the skin or into the muscles.

Radiation Oncology is the study and treatment of cancers using ionizing radiation (an intense form of energy). Ionizing radiation attacks cells by harming their genetic material. This interferes with their ability to grow and multiply.

Hematology is the medical science that examines diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs. Blood cells are made in the bone marrow. In healthy people, millions of new blood cells are produced each hour to carry out important body functions. The body carefully regulates the ability of bone marrow to produce the correct number of each type of blood cell. If this regulation process is disrupted and the marrow produces too many or too few cells, a blood disorder occurs. Treatments vary according to age, symptoms and blood test results, but can include transfusions, hormonal therapy, and chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

We understand that you are dealing with physical and emotional stress. We will help you and those who care about you understand your diagnosis and treatments. Through the process you will face decisions about treatment and care. We will provide resources to help you understand your diagnosis and make informed decisions about treatment options.