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Hi, I'm Regina A H.
I was diagnosed in October 2016 with colorectal cancer. I received chemotherapy and been cancer free since May 2018. I received genetic testing and found out I have the FAP gene. There is a chan...
  • Tue Feb 25, 2020 · Like4
Hi, I'm Betti
Thank you, I belong to another site that is similar to this one and it seems it has had it share of trolls since I first got into it. BTW--their site has a flag button that one can use to alert yo...
  • Tue Feb 25, 2020 · Like1
I'm JessyWhite, and I'm a healthcare professional
Hello, I'm the Community Assistant for Navigating Care. Thank you for joining our Community and engaging in some of our discussions. I have to inform you that your recent post in the"Go-To Apps F...
  • Tue Feb 25, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm LENEE R.
Diagnosed with ET in 2005. Was on hydrea and anegrelide until diagnosed with MF in 2019 and started on Jakafi. Have been able to stop the anegrelide and down to 500mg hydrea. Side effects for m...
  • about 22 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Diane R Z.
My lumpectomy was February, 2019, followed by 20 radiation treatments. I was put on Anastrozole. I was IDC with no nodes involved. All doctors felt I would never have to worry about lymphedema. Wro...
  • Tue Feb 25, 2020 · Like2
Hi, I'm Hope.
Get off Sprycel. I could NOT FUNCTION on it. I got off it and started Tasigna. It's a pain in the butt to take and schedule. But it doesn't cause me pain.
  • Mon Feb 24, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm Faye
I am 68 and was diagnosed with CLL Jan 3. It is such a complicated disease process. I’ve had blood tests, PET scan, lymph node punch biopsy and now just an open lymph node removal for biopsy. I ha...
  • Mon Feb 24, 2020 · Like7
Have others developed IBS-D from radiation? I finally found information that confirms this, so I've added Betaine HCI to each meal, along with digestive enzymes. A BIG improvement!
  • Mon Feb 24, 2020 ·
My intestinal problems are related radiation. Two years after I was done, I developed IBS-D. What I discovered is that radiation destroys hydrochloric acid. So, I now take Betain HCI with food, ...
  • Mon Feb 24, 2020 ·
Hi, I'm Cathy G.
I switched from anastrazole ,tomoxefin .I switched because of joint pain,gained wt on it also.Have been on Tomoxefin for 3 weeks,joint pain starting again ,but not as bad.Today I noticed, my finger...
  • Mon Feb 24, 2020 · Like5

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