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Pain on top of foot and on right side lower back
Hi, I'm Leslie
My journey started Aug. 2014 with rectal cancer. After a round of chemo, radiation, surgery I was doing pretty well – no side effects to speak of. Then the follow up chemo (April – August 2015) took place and the last 2 treatments, I noticed pins and needles starting in my feet and hands. Acupuncture lessened the tingling in my hands to almost nothing. (I’m (now retired) a high school Englis…   Read more…

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Created Jul 22, 2019 in Colon/Rectal Cancer Warriors' resources ·
The helpful link in Trial finder will give information about published research related to the scientific principles behind the trial.
Uploaded Jul 22, 2019 in Colon/Rectal Cancer Warriors' resources ·
Green-Yes, Red-No, and Grey- believed to help.

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Curry for Colon Cancer

Curcumin, a common ingredient of curry sauces, may protect against as well as help treat colorectal cancer.

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